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As worker wages shrink and CEO compensation grows, corporations recognize the need to protect their profits, by threatening working people with losing their jobs.

Oregonians For Rich-Tweaking Taxes is a parody of the leash-led coalition of wealthy Oregonians concerned about profit growth and the economic health of their corporate bottom lines.

Even now, wealthy citizens are attempting to convince poorer Oregonians that it is in their best interests to not institute fair and equiable taxes, as it will effect the bonuses we award our top executives. Instead of letting voters decide objectively whether to increase state taxes we plan to muddy the waters with half-truths, and out right falsehoods.

Legislators say their plan is only a tax on the rich. They're right. And we rich guys don't like that one bit. We'll end up paying more for our country club memberships, gas for our Hummers and other services, and that will impact all wealthy Oregonians, especially the rich business owners and corporate board members.

We need your help to be sure these taxes are defeated. We need active volunteers to keep our CEO bonuses alive – by becoming official members of Oregonians Against Rich Tweaking Taxes, posting misleading campaign signs, whining about equitable taxes that won't effect you and writing edits to the leditor.

Another way you can help: send an email to the corporations today. Tell them that you feel their pain and will work diligently to defeat these hidious taxes that will have no effect whatsoever on us if we make less than a quarter of a million dollars.