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Paula Baker Productions:

Outsourced: Latest Political Mash-Up Parody from The MacDonald Group, featuring "Paula Baker Productions" as a small-town Oregon video production business that looses a contract to out-of-state competition... Click to read more...

Please Remit Reality:

A Taxing Situation: Latest Political Mash-Up Parody from The MacDonald Group, featuring our happy-go-lucky stay-at-home Mom discovering that contrary to implication, her taxes are NOT going up...

Crascade Polished Rhetoric Institute

Crascade Polished Rhetoric Institute Weighs in on 6667

Beware the common wisdom about who might support and who might oppose the new Rich-Tweaking taxes proposed in Measures 66 and 67. E.I. O'Hannity convinces Corporate CEOs that Rich-Tweaking taxes are a bad idea for the bottom line ... in just five minutes! Click to read more...

Mixed Metaphors and Stolen Icons:

Third-Generation Oregonian Navy Vet Speaks Out

USN Anchor

Jake Klonoski; Sunday Oregonian: "As I returned to Oregon after seven years, I opened the newspaper to see the Legislature's balanced attempt to protect our values under attack from those for whom any amount of sacrifice is too much, from those to whom the idea of the "public good" is meaningless if it doesn't translate to money in their pockets. Hidden behind organizations with inflammatory names like "Oregonians Against Job-Killing Taxes," they collected more than 126,000 signatures to reject by referendum the attempt to balance Oregon's budget without dramatically damaging education, human service or public safety. I wonder what it would have been like to serve in a combat zone with them..." Click to read more...

Anti-Tax Radicals Rip-Off Photo

"Feel The Pinch!" A rogue group of anti-tax radicals posing as a State-wide business association that goes by the initials "AOI," (not to be confused with "EIO") "broke up the type" in the layout of their latest magazine by "pinching" a photograph from another publication, copyright notice and all. It was intimated in the modified caption that the picture represented yet another business owner "feeling the pinch." In fact, Bete Tesfu who is pictured smiling with his sister, Belenn, are actually tax supporters... Click to read more...

South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker

Anti-Tax Radicals Rip-Off South Park

"They stole our work!!" Another rogue group of anti-tax radicals, (same members; different acronym), recorded and re-edited portions of a South Park episode. The re-purposed mash-ups, (originally embedded on the group's Website), both start with glaring white text and the requisite ominous discordant music. This dissolves to a crowd of familiar South Park characters uttering "They took our jobs," and "They Took His Job" and "They Broke His Jaw" (?!?). Curiously enough, those video clips seem to have vanished from both the Website and YouTube, the latter replaced by "This video has been removed by the user." But not to worry! We made our own version!!

Richie Robocaller

Months of December and January Combined

"Robocalls are Here!" The latest news is we have combined the two months of December and January into our own special month, now called "Robotober." During this new longer month, we plan to bombard YOU at home with Robocalls, tweleve hours a day for weeks, to try and convince you that YES! higher taxes that won't effect you will effect us rich folks, and will force us to fire workers. Click Here to view our handy schematic grid to show you when our Robot is scheduled to call you! Calls start on the fifth!

Rich Germans Demand Higher Taxes

"Damn Kraut Socialists..." A group of rich Germans has launched a petition calling for the government to make wealthy people pay higher taxes. The group say they have more money than they need, and the extra revenue could fund economic and social programmes to aid Germany's economic recovery. Germany could raise 100bn euros (91bn) if the richest people paid a 5% wealth tax for two years, they say. The petition has 44 signatories so far, and will be presented to newly re-elected Chancellor Angela Merkel. The group say the financial crisis is leading to an increase in unemployment, poverty and social inequality. Simply donating money to deal with the problems is not enough, they want a change in the whole approach... Click to read more...