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TeabagWe represent a coalition of the wealthiest five percent of individuals and corporations in the State. And you can be darn sure that we are going to fight this modest tax increase tooth and nail. Sure, we can easily afford it. But it's the principle of the thing.

So if this dirt-ball State can't get by with our generous $10 per year, well then, they deserve to fail. And we're going to throw a lot of money at it to make sure it does! Proves that the State is not run like a business. Otherwise, it would have simply written off all those pesky expenses like roads, schools and State Police, like we Corporate folks do!

By allowing us big corporations to write off everything and anything, we can guarantee we make no profits each year, which helps grow our economy. Heck, we can even write off the bloated salaries of our chief executives as yet another "business expense."

Just because the average citizen can't deduct all their expenses like we Corporations do is no reason to get testy. After all, we're growing the economy! What are they? Consumers. Without us, they would have nothing to consume. No SUVs or Big Macs. And even though we will spend way more money on this campaign than the proposed tax increases, we will gladly spend it! Afterall, we can write it off!

So YES! Won't you join us in our fight against Rich-Tweaking Taxes and help us buy back our country? We are a one Nation free for all. And anyone that doesn't believe the way we do, needs to leave. NOW. Visit The MacDonald Group Webspace for more details on how you can help Defund Oregon and Buy Back Our Country!